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Schools are so important for everyone in our society. Educators are dedicated to teaching the next generation. Schools need the right computer technology to help teachers educate their students, both on campus and online. Wholesale used computers give you an opportunity to save money and upgrade your equipment.

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Viable Computer Technology on a Budget

Computer technology is an important part of so many activities at schools and universities. Student libraries require lots of computers that must be easily accessible. You may have a computer lab for dedicated technology learning. Teachers may use laptops, tablets, or mobile devices in class to enhance learning outcomes with classroom technology.

Of course, you’re on a limited budget. You need your technology investment to go as far as possible. I.T. Supply Solutions offers a two-fold plan for getting refurbished computers in your classrooms while giving you some cash back. 

Upgrade and Earn Some Cash Back

A modern education requires modern technology, and I.T. Supply Solutions can help you achieve it affordably. Even computers that are five and six years old can be brought to current standards and run the latest operating systems and security suites. I.T. Supply Solutions will perform an I.T. asset disposition (ITAD) to determine what you have on hand. We’ll either remarket your old computers or recycle them. Our team can replace those older models with newer desktops or laptops brought up to modern standards.

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Not only can I.T. Supply Solutions help upgrade your current technology, but we also return some cash to you, whether we sell or recycle your old equipment. Contact I.T. Supply Solutions today for more information on what we can do for your school district or college campus.