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Banking & Financial Institutions

Customer privacy is a primarty concern in the financial industry. Not only is it federally mandated, but it’s good business sense. I.T. Supply Solutions helps with this through our used wholesale computer equipment.

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Protect Your Customers' Privacy

Customers trust you with their money. They should trust you with their data privacy too.

 I.T. Supply Solutions helps your company deliver secure services through computer equipment we refurbish to current standards. 

We protect your customers’ privacy in two key ways.

We offer wholesale computer equipment brought up to modern standards, capable of running the newest operating systems, security software, and internet connectivity, allowing you to implement up-to-date software that complies with federal regulations.

Second, our data destruction protocols meet or exceed U.S. Department of Defense standards. When we remove your old equipment, we wipe all of the memory from hard drives and/or destroy the drives physically so no one can access private information.

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Invest in Customers With Used Computers

Purchasing used computer equipment lets you save money on your technology budget. Leverage this savings to hire more staff, improve your processes, or upgrade to better software. Whether you own a small-town bank, installment lender, credit union, or large bank with 20 branches, I.T. Supply Solutions provides used wholesale computer equipment brought up to your standards.

We Serve Financial Institutions

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Not only can I.T. Supply Solutions help upgrade your current technology, but we also return some cash to you, whether we sell or recycle your old equipment. Urban or rural, small or large, we can take care of your financial institution’s computer technology requirements. Contact I.T. Supply Solutions today for more details!