Responsible Recycling (R2)

Nothing Goes to Landfills

I.T. Supply Solutions prides itself on responsible recycling (R2) of computer equipment at the end of its life. Are your machines five or six years old or more? We can recycle your items and still give you some money back.

R2 Certification

I.T. Supply Solutions prides itself on being one of 900 companies in the entire world with an R2 certification from Orion Registrar, which sets the industry standard for recycling electronics. This means we pledge to follow responsible recycling practices when it comes to electronics and computer equipment. We do not take R2 certification lightly: Nothing goes to a landfill. When you partner with us, you’re working with an eco-friendly company, which helps fulfill your firm’s sustainability goals.


IT asset disposition (ITAD) is the first step in responsible recycling. The I.T. Supply Solutions team assesses what a company has on hand and determines if the equipment is too old or outdated for computer remarketing, refurbishing, and reselling.

Data Destruction

Outdated computer equipment still might have sensitive data on it. We destroy the data quickly, effectively, and using industry best practices. I.T. Supply Solutions shreds any hard drives to thousands of tiny bits to ensure no one can retrieve a single byte of data.

What We Recycle

The main goal of recycling outdated computer equipment is to recover metals and plastics within the devices and keep them out of landfills. Some rare earth metals, such as lanthanum, cerium, neodymium, samarium, and europium, are in short supply and take a lot of effort to mine or procure. Electronics or metal suppliers buy back quantities of the metals we extract from used equipment. This is where I.T. Supply Solutions excels.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a residential user of technology looking to recycle a single machine or two, please click here for a directory of local e-waste collection sites near your location.

Money Back to You

Not only do we keep rare earth metals out of landfills or from contaminating water supplies, we sell them to companies that need them for new electronics. We return some of the proceeds of the sale to you.

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We specialize in wholesale refurbished IT equipment, technical support, and ITAD services for customers and businesses around the globe. For retail-ready equipment, visit our partners at

I.T. Supply Solutions is dedicated to recycling your electronic materials in a safe and environmentally responsible manner that complies with federal, state and local laws. However, we cannot pick up the items listed here. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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PLEASE NOTE: If you are a residential user of technology who wants to recycle a single machine or two, please click here for a directory of local e-waste collection sites near you.

Electronics Recycling Day to benefit the Independence Police Department's K-9 Unit

Sponsored by the Independence Police Department & I.T. Supply Solutions

Items collected include desktops, laptops, phones (landlines or cellular), flat monitors, servers, loose hard drives, calculators, and cameras.

Please note: No old TVs, microwaves, or bulky monitors.

Donations can be dropped off or made by mail. Check or money order to be made payable to ‘City of Independence’ to:

Independence Police Department
Canine Unit Donation
5409 Madison Pike
Independence, Kentucky 41051
Dropbox available in parking lot

Send contributions via Venmo to Independence Canine using @Independence-Canine.