Data Destruction

Maintaining Your Privacy

I.T. Supply Solutions uses software based solutions to electronically eradicate any data on all data bearing devices. If data cannot be destroyed via a software solution then the drive is removed and physically shredded in-house, or the device is otherwise made inoperable and data unrecoverable.

Protect Your Privacy

Every computer hard drive, CPU, motherboard, or graphics card in your company or organization has the possibility of sensitive data stored on it. When you entrust your desktops, laptops, or mobile devices to our team, we follow the industry’s best practices for data destruction. We thoroughly inspect every piece that could have physical memory storage on it. Then our experts decide whether to wipe the memory or destroy the component.

Airtight Data Destruction Standards

I.T. Supply Solutions meets or exceeds Department of Defense standards for data destruction. This means we make at least three passes to overwrite data on any hard drives on equipment that isn’t recycled. We carefully audit each piece that undergoes data sanitization by supplying serialized reports of data destruction. We record the serial number of each piece we wipe, the process we use, and stamp the process as complete. I.T. Supply Solutions has an errors and omissions insurance policy that covers our work and brings you peace of mind.

Our Partnership With Blancco

I.T. Supply Solutions partners with Blancco to wipe memory using their industry-leading data erasure software. Wiping the memory keeps the hardware intact so the equipment can still work properly. Not only does the software erase the memory, but it also ensures no one can recover any data, even if they’re expert hackers (i.e., cybercriminals) who attempt to use data recovery programs to access sensitive information. Blancco’s secure data erasure software, tamper-proof erasure certification, and ERP software integrations have helped us make every memory medium we see completely secure at the end of its lifecycle.

Physical Destruction

We might determine that some or all of your computer equipment has reached the end of its operable life. If that’s the case, our team physically destroys the hard drives. I.T. Supply Solutions can shred your hard drives at your facility to ensure your staff oversees every part of the data destruction process to give you peace of mind.

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I.T. Supply Solutions destroys any stored data safely and effectively. Contact our team today for more information on remarketing or recycling used computers and used computer equipment. We’re AAA Certified by NAID for following the strictest industry standards for data destruction!

Electronics Recycling Day to benefit the Independence Police Department's K-9 Unit

Sponsored by the Independence Police Department & I.T. Supply Solutions

Items collected include desktops, laptops, phones (landlines or cellular), flat monitors, servers, loose hard drives, calculators, and cameras.

Please note: No old TVs, microwaves, or bulky monitors.

Donations can be dropped off or made by mail. Check or money order to be made payable to ‘City of Independence’ to:

Independence Police Department
Canine Unit Donation
5409 Madison Pike
Independence, Kentucky 41051
Dropbox available in parking lot

Send contributions via Venmo to Independence Canine using @Independence-Canine.