How Computer Remarketing Meets the Needs of Both Your Business and Remote Workers

Remote work has become a buzzword in the past two months due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Millions of Americans have been working remotely to help keep businesses in operation. Your workers need the right technology in place to make this happen. In today’s blog, IT Supply Solutions examines how computer remarketing meets the needs of both your business and remote workers.

What is computer remarketing?

Computer remarketing at IT Supply Solutions means we take older equipment, refurbish it, update it, and then sell it. In general, we take computers that are four years old or newer, bring them up to more modern specs, and then put them in the hands of people who need them. It’s cheaper than buying new equipment, and we do it at wholesale prices.

Lower Your Costs

We sell computer equipment at wholesale, not retail, for our computer remarketing. It’s cheaper to buy equipment in bulk when you’re trying to get the right technology in the hands of your teams. Rather than spend $300 per laptop at a retail outlet, you might find yourself purchasing computer equipment that’s just as good for $200 per laptop. Your individual results may vary, depending on what you need and what we have on hand.

Get Devices in Your Employees’ Hands Quickly

IT Supply Solutions maintains an active supply chain. We always have computers on hand, ready to ship to you. We ship anywhere in the world. If you need refurbished laptops in less than a week, we’ll ship it to you fast. Our technicians go over every piece of equipment, bring them up to modern specs, and make sure they work well. There are no lemons in our computer remarketing facility. 

Meet Your Technological Requirements

Do your teams have specific hardware requirements? Talk to IT Supply Solutions about your needs. We might have the right equipment to make your remote workers more productive as they work from home on your vital projects. Our computer remarketing team makes sure wireless, audio, video, and processing components are in great shape before we ship the equipment to you.

Computer Remarketing by IT Supply Solutions

The Coronavirus outbreak is a rapidly changing situation. No one knows how long stay-at-home orders could last. Be prepared for your remote teams to work from home with refurbished laptops or tablets from IT Supply Solutions. We can ship our wholesale computer equipment anywhere. Contact IT Supply Solutions online or call (859) 534-2323 for more details on our computer remarketing services.

How Refurbished Laptops Help Your Remote Teams Succeed Now

News about the Coronavirus outbreak is everywhere. Companies are scrambling to stay in business and keep their people employed and productive. One answer for many companies that rely on computers is to have remote teams work from home. Today’s blog from IT Supply Solutions discusses how refurbished laptops can help your remote teams succeed right now.

Get Devices in Their Hands Quickly

Wholesale refurbished laptops, whether you need 20 or 200, get devices in your employee’s hands quickly. Companies like IT Supply Solutions maintain an active supply chain by purchasing used computer equipment, refurbishing usable devices, and then remarketing them to companies that need them. We can ship orders quickly and efficiently. You could have vital computer equipment in your hands within a few business days with expedited shipping.

Meet Your Wireless Technology Requirements

Refurbished laptops don’t mean “old.” We go through every device to make sure it’s up to modern technology standards. That means your refurbished laptops will have enough memory and processing power to meet the needs of modern business. The most critical aspect of working from home is having strong wireless connections that enable robust encryption protocols. Our wholesale computer equipment meets those requirements. You’ll have laptops that connect to Wi-Fi and allow for security measures to be installed to protect your intellectual property when using cloud-based software.

Reduce Downtime 

Purchasing refurbished laptops now reduces downtime for your staff working from home. The sooner they get the equipment they need, the sooner they return to work. You don’t have to shop for individual pieces of equipment, worry about online orders, or wait to see if a company has something in stock. Send an email to your clients to let them know you’re open for business during these trying times and that everyone is working from home on their laptops.

Increase Productivity

When you purchase computer equipment for your staff, you have total control over what software goes on them. Your CTO or IT manager can download the right programs, including time tracking software, security protocols, screen share software, keystroke monitors, and automatic screenshotters to monitor employee productivity. Refurbished laptops from IT Supply Solutions can handle these types of software with ease while allowing for cloud-based systems or USB memory sticks for expanded capabilities. 

Save Time and Money

Refurbished laptops save you time and money, especially when you receive the wholesale computer equipment quickly. You have less downtime and better productivity. But you also invest less money on used equipment versus new, and receive the same productivity you would as if you bought new computers. Better yet, you can sell the refurbished laptops back to a computer remarketing company, like IT Supply Solutions, to get some money back on your investment. This is particularly handy if you only need these laptops for a couple of months. 

Refurbished Laptops From IT Supply Solutions

The Coronavirus outbreak is a rapidly changing situation. Many cities have stay-at-home orders that last until the end of April. No one knows how long this could last. Be prepared with refurbished laptops from IT Supply Solutions. We can ship our wholesale computer equipment anywhere. Contact IT Supply Solutions or call (859) 534-2323 for more details.