Why We Use the Best Drive Erase Software on Earth to Ensure Data Security

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Data security is a huge topic with ransomware, data breaches, phishing, and malware. One thing you may not think about regarding data security is what needs to happen as you get rid of outdated equipment and upgrade to newer technology. You can’t let any sensitive data out into the public that may still be left on your hard drives.

That’s why we use the best drive erase software on the market today to ensure your data security on old hard drives.  

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We Partner With Blancco for Software-Based Drive Erasing

Blancco Drive Eraser, named Best Security Product at the 2022 Cyber Security Awards, helps organizations comply with regulations mandating strict security protocols. This software has been tested by more than 13 global software certification bodies and supports over 25 international data erasure standards. These bodies include the Asset Disposal & Information Security Alliance (ADISA), where Blancco’s software passed tests against standard and intrusive testing tools designed to breach a computer’s data security protocols.

The first step to data security is completely erasing the data on hard drives by making previous data unreadable. Blancco Drive Eraser accomplishes that mission.

What Can Blancco’s Drive Erase Do for Your Data Security?

Companies needing data security from erased drivers see several benefits from Blancco’s software. 

  • Utilizes patented SSD erasure technology to ensure no one can access any data on the drive afterward.
  • Creates permanent data erasure from multiple drives simultaneously, saving your organization time and money during the end-of-lifecycle process.
  • Achieves data erasure by using zeros and ones on all sectors of the memory device, making any previous data unreadable even to the best possible intrusion methods.
  • Dismantles RAID storage.
  • Handles pass-through security and false positive identification.
  • Provides a digital certificate of erasure/sanitization for a complete audit trail.
  • Verifies the data is gone.

Blancco Goes Beyond Hard Drives

We partner with Blancco not just because their software erases hard drives. They also employ the same rigorous software for USB drives, SD cards, micro drives, and flash memory devices. Removable media erasure follows ISO and NIST standards while providing 100% tamper-proof reporting.

When you’re ready to redeploy or decommission server equipment, Blancco can deploy through ERP system integration to erase data in your existing server management process.  

How Blancco Helps Our Team

With Blancco, we’ve been able to improve our processes in several ways:

  • Increased production by 25 percent, with processing time reduced by four minutes per machine
  • Implemented tamper-proof certification of data-sanitized equipment
  • Combined testing, wiping, and recording into one unified PXE boot from a server
  • Unified processing of disposed assets
  • Integrated secure erasure and asset information with its own software systems

Rather than one machine at a time, Blancco lets us sanitize several machines and drives at once.

Take a look at how Blancco has helped our team by reading this case study.

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Trust Your Data Erasure With I.T. Supply Solutions

I.T. Supply Solutions, based in the Cincinnati area, offers IT asset disposition and data erasure for your company or organization, whether you’ve got 100 units or 100,000. 

Call us at (859) 694-0602 or contact us for more information.

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