10 Signs Your Organization Needs Upgraded IT Assets

Stacks of Old Computer Monitors

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Your organization needs updated computer equipment to run properly, whether you have a corporate office with personal computers, an entire school of desktops, laptops, and tablets, or assembly lines filled with thousands of moving parts. When your technology doesn’t keep pace with the needs of your users, you’ll need to invest in updated IT equipment.

I.T. Supply Solutions outlines ten signs your organization needs upgraded IT assets so your staff can operate at peak efficiency.

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1. Security Updates Are No Longer Supported

Software needs regular updates to function properly. If your team can’t update software, it will leave computers vulnerable to hacking, viruses, and malware. When this happens, you leave your entire network at risk of interruptions or even ransomware attacks. Any organization can become victimized by computer viruses. At best, one machine will need to be completely cleaned of the virus. At worst, your entire organization could be held hostage by hackers who implement ransomware systemwide.

2. Your Network Is Too Slow

Is your internet too slow? Do your computers or tablets have trouble operating because their connections to the internet don’t work fast enough? The problem might be your outdated computer equipment having trouble with modern telecommunications protocols.

3. Software Stops Working Altogether

You need software to work correctly. If it stops working altogether, it could be due to an outdated operating system. Every piece of software needs the right base operating software to run properly. You can try to update the operating system to something newer. If that doesn’t work, you will need newer equipment that can handle higher software speeds.

4. Operating Systems Aren’t Updated

All of your computer hardware needs the right operating system to work properly. You need to update the operating system regularly in order to upgrade software for other programs to work. You need to maintain the most current operating system for maximum performance and fewer vulnerabilities in your system. Otherwise, you lose productivity and newer programs don’t run.

5. Your Employees Complain About Slow Computers

Do you hear regular complaints about slow computers or non-functional computer equipment? Your IT department or technology team should investigate. If they can’t upgrade your current system to modern standards, perhaps you need to upgrade your equipment.

Here’s one thing to note: Your computers may look modern and up-to-date, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they actually are capable of handling new software that requires better processing speeds and more memory. You have two options here: upgrade the guts of your desktops or get new equipment altogether. You’ll have to assess what you have on hand to decide how best to proceed forward. It might be more cost-effective to get newer computers rather than upgrading the old ones. You’d have to take into account the staff time needed to make the upgrades, shipping costs of computer parts for getting the upgrades to remote workers, and then what to do about laptops and tablets (which are harder to upgrade).

6. You Need Newer Software

Newer software can help your equipment and teams work faster. Even if you use cloud-based apps, you’ll still have computers that can connect to the internet to deliver fast data exchange speeds as well delivering the right security protocols. You can’t have a breach that can expose your data or shut down systems if a cyberattack happens. 

7. People Have Trouble Sharing Files & Exchanging Data

Interoperability among your internal teams and external collaborators is crucial for sharing data and files. If an external collaborator sends your teams files and people on your team can’t access them, it might be time to upgrade your hardware and software so your people can get the information they need.

8. Business Process Slow Down

Your daily operations slow down, and it’s not just with tasks people do in front of their computers. Perhaps connecting to other devices or the internet takes too much time. Updates and downloads also take a long time. Computers in general slow down. This causes delays in your business process that moves projects forward. Perhaps it’s time to upgrade your computer equipment.

9. Your Competition Is Outpacing You

Are you being outdone and outpaced by your competition? Are they delivering faster and with more quality than your teams? It could be due to slower processes on your end. Find out how and why your processes are slowing down your productivity and output.

10. You Need Newer Features

Your team needs various features on your computer hardware, and your current slate of equipment isn’t cutting it. For example, your teams need cameras on their desktops for remote meetings. You purchase cameras that work with each desktop. Unfortunately, the teams on the other side of the connection have trouble seeing and hearing your teams due to low quality. When your remote teams need to communicate and collaborate with you and you can’t deliver, it’s time for newer equipment.

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Ready for Newer Computer Equipment?

I.T. Supply Solutions, based in the Cincinnati area, offers IT asset disposition for your company or organization, whether you’ve got 100 units or 100,000. 

Call us at (859) 694-0602 or contact us for more information.

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