5 Reasons Why On-Site Hard Drive Shredding Is Better Than Off-Site Shredding

Circuit Board and Computer Memory Smashed to Bits

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On-site hard drive shredding, also known as mobile hard drive shredding, brings the shredder to you. IT asset companies specialize in data and computer equipment lifecycle management. These firms can handle your data privacy by shredding hard drives at your or their facility. 

Take a look at five reasons you should go with on-site hard drive shredding compared to off-site shredding.

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1. Direct Oversight

Bringing a hard drive shredding machine to your office gives your team direct oversight over the process, whether we talk to a CTO, IT manager, or business owner at the property. As your IT asset disposition company goes through your computer equipment, the staffers will determine what memory drives and hard drives should be shredded due to their age.

Once that happens, you will have the final say over whether hard drives should have the memory wiped electronically, physically, or both. For physical destruction, you will see with your own eyes that the hard drives are shredded completely in our machine before we haul it off for recycling.

2. Transparency

On-site hard drive shredding offers your staff a transparent process. You’ll see precisely what computer equipment, servers, and telecommunications equipment has been gone through. Then you get to view exactly which hard drives go to the shredder. Afterward, your chosen ITAD company will give you a certificate of destruction, noting the memory that was destroyed.

Your team gets to see the mobile hard drive shredding process from start to finish, from the moment the team arrives, and until the last box is loaded onto a truck. You’ll receive documentation of everything offloaded and what happened with all of the equipment. 

3. Reduce Your Liability

On-site hard drive shredding ensures your firm reduces liability if you have a high level of regulatory requirements, such as a medical office, financial institution, school, mental health office, clinic, dental practice, law firm, bank, and more. Anyone under the auspices of HIPA and FACTA must ensure private customer information must be destroyed before discarding obsolete computer equipment.

When you receive documentation from your ITAD company, you can assure any regulators and auditors that you have dealt with consumer confidentiality in the correct fashion.

4. Convenience

On-site and mobile hard drive shredding is convenient. An ITAD company comes to your facility, where and when you will be there, to handle data destruction. A good ITAD firm will arrive when your employees aren’t there to reduce downtime, whether an evening or weekend is more convenient.

5. Dedicated Equipment

On-site hard drive shredding requires specialized, dedicated equipment. Companies manufacture shredders precisely made for munching the metal and plastic found in a hard drive. We use an Ameri-Shred Corp AMS-300HD-SSD, capable of shredding 600 hard drives per hour.

The shredder is simple and devours hard drives efficiently, making it impossible for anyone to retrieve the data on them.

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Ready for Mobile Hard Drive Shredding?

I.T. Supply Solutions, based in the Cincinnati area, offers mobile, on-site hard drive shredding for your company, organization, government agency, or small business. We’ll come to your facility when it’s convenient for you and your IT team. 

Call us at (859) 694-0602 or contact us for more information.

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