Differences Between IT Asset Disposition & IT Asset Disposal

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I.T. Supply Solutions specializes in IT asset disposition (ITAD) for companies in and around the Cincinnati area. 

You might hear the terms IT asset disposition and IT asset disposal used interchangeably when referring to this part of your electronics lifecycle. 

Our experts will discuss the differences between these two processes.

ITAD is a very specific process whereby experts systematically assess your IT equipment as it nears the end of its lifecycle to determine the next steps.

A team examines your used computer equipment as a whole collection. In addition to computers themselves, teams will assess peripherals, servers, wireless transmitters, printers, scanners, and mobile devices.

After we take inventory of what you have on hand, we assess the value of the machines for computer remarketing. Your company or organization might see a little return on your investment depending on the value of the equipment based on the current market. In general, equipment that is six years or newer can be repurposed and resold after refurbishment.

We will discuss all of your options when we assess your company’s equipment, letting you know everything we can about what you have on hand.

IT asset disposal is a subset of IT asset disposition. Disposal of your computer equipment is a very specific process.

We partner with you to determine what should be disposed of. Anything that goes into IT asset disposal must have its data wiped using best industry standards as well as going through physical destruction of memory and data storage to eliminate any possibility of someone stealing sensitive data.

IT asset disposal may happen in these circumstances when we examine your equipment:

  • When your company upgrades assets and your old equipment is no longer technologically viable for modern standards.
  • Disposing of broken or disused equipment that is no longer a regular part of your company.
  • Deciding to recycle assets.

When we dispose of your assets, we will note every possible asset that goes to disposal, which means responsibly recycled to keep computer equipment out of landfills. 

I.T. Supply Solutions, based in the Cincinnati area, offers ITAD for companies, businesses, organizations, and government agencies. 

Call us at (859) 694-0602 or contact us for more information.

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