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I.T. Supply Solutions specializes in managing lifecycle solutions for your computers, whether your old computer equipment is recycled or remarketed. When we remarket computer equipment, we might sell wholesale refurbished laptops to companies and agencies that need updated computer equipment without spending money on new models.

Today’s blog answers frequently asked questions regarding wholesale refurbished laptops.

The best way to purchase wholesale refurbished laptops is through a certified wholesale supplier who follows specific standards when upgrading and refurbishing computer equipment.

When you choose wholesale refurbished laptops from a certified supplier, you can save money versus purchasing new equipment. 

There are other advantages to buying wholesale refurbished laptops:

Reusability. You can reuse computers to extend their lifecycles. Recycling used computers keeps them out of landfills and helps lower the amount of materials mined for new computers. This can prevent exacerbating supply chain issues. 

Cost savings. Buying wholesale saves money over the costs of buying retail. You could save anywhere from 10 to 25 percent, depending on what’s available.

Ability to Upgrade. Every computer has the ability to upgrade. You can add USB memory and flash drives to refurbished wholesale laptops if you need extra functionality. Certified refurbishers will bring used equipment less than six years old up to modern standards for usability, giving you the opportunity to upgrade your equipment.

Certified for Resale. Wholesale refurbished laptops go through a specific, rigorous process before it goes up for sale. Companies will replace batteries nearing the end of their lives, so your machines work properly and long enough on battery power like they’re designed to.

Warranty. Certified refurbishers should offer a warranty on the equipment they offer for sale. I.T. Supply Solutions, as a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, provides a 90-warranty on all Microsoft equipment we sell.

Check several things before you purchase wholesale refurbished laptops.

Who sells the equipment. Is the seller a certified company with the expertise to refurbish the computers?    

Computer specs. Look over the equipment specs to see the processor, memory capabilities, processor speed, and battery life. 

Contact the seller with any questions. Don’t be afraid to contact the seller to ask questions. They should be forthright and honest about the equipment you’re about to purchase.

I.T. Supply Solutions, based in the Cincinnati area, offers wholesale refurbished laptops for sale that can help your organization or business save money on computer equipment, particularly if you have remote teams working from home who need better laptops. 

Call us at (859) 694-0602 or contact us for more information.

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