7 Questions to Ask Data Destruction Companies Before Hiring One

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I.T. Supply Solutions is an IT asset disposition and data destruction company based near Cincinnati. We aim to help your agency, organization, or company to replace your outdated equipment by disposing of it properly.

Take a look at seven questions to ask a data destruction company before hiring one.

1. Is your data destruction company certified?

Your chosen data destruction company should have industry-best certifications outlining that every staffer understands how to erase and physically destroy data.

I.T. Supply Solutions is a AAA NAID Certified Refurbisher. This means we use industry best practices to destroy your data.

2. Do you erase data from my old memory drives before destroying them?

Yes. Best industry practices mean we perform two erasure steps before shredding hard drives:

  1. We use a computer program to make the data unreadable even through extraordinary means.
  2. We also degauss the hard drive, which means we use a magnet to render the electronic medium completely unusable.

Then we physically destroy the hard drive by shredding it in a specialized machine.

3. How do you determine what hard drives to destroy and which to keep?

A data destruction company will determine what computer equipment can be upgradable to modern standards and which equipment should be recycled. In general, equipment that is older than six years is considered outdated and unsuitable for current software and protocols.

When we look at the equipment that’s still usable, our team will determine its resale market value by using exact model numbers. We may also upgrade the equipment to modern standards before we resell it. We will return some of the profits to you.

4. What happens to the bits of my destroyed hard drives?

They are recycled and reused for other, new hard drives by returning precious metals to manufacturers. Other metals are recycled and kept out of landfills to prevent the contamination of groundwater and other natural resources.

We recycle it using R2 (responsible recycling) standards as set forth by RIOS. We are a Certified Recycler for RIOS, which stands for Recycling Industry Operating Standard, developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), an internationally recognized body that promotes worldwide standards.

5. Can I destroy data myself?

We highly recommend using a professional data destruction company fully equipped to handle the process behind destroying the memory on the media. Certified companies adhere to the highest standards.

6. What types of media do you destroy?

I.T. Supply Solutions destroys data on several media types, including:

  • SSDs
  • Hard drives
  • Zip drives
  • Thumb drives
  • CD-ROMs
  • DVDs

We will follow best practices to destroy the data on these devices before physically shredding them.

7. What documentation do I get when you destroy my data?

You will receive certificates of destruction and sanitization stating several specifics: 

  • What drives were destroyed.
  • What method was used to destroy the data
  • Who performed the procedure.
  • The time and date of when the data was eliminated.

Who can take care of data destruction in Greater Cincinnati?

I.T. Supply Solutions, based in the Cincinnati area, can assess your computer equipment and decide the best course of action with regard to data destruction.

Call us at (859) 694-0602 or contact us for more information. 

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