How I.T. Supply Solutions Manages Your IT Asset Buying Experience

IT Supply Solutions Truck at a School

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I.T. Supply Solutions manages your IT assets as part of your data lifecycle plan. One of our areas of expertise comes from IT asset disposition (ITAD). We take stock of what computer equipment you have on hand, use our industry knowledge to determine what to do with those assets, and then suggest replacements through our wholesale buying program.

In today’s blog, our experts discuss how we manage your IT asset buying experience from start to finish.  

Start with a free business consultation.

The process starts with a free initial consultation for your business, agency, or organization. We serve a wide span of organizations and industries, such as small businesses, K-12 schools and higher education — corporations, property management companies, data centers, and IT resellers and recyclers. 

If your organization has older and outdated computer equipment, we can help you. Contact I.T. Supply Solutions, and we’ll set up a free initial consultation.

Our field specialists provide assessments at your place of business.

Once we solidify our partnership with your team, one of our field specialists will come to your place of business to assess what you have on hand. We’ll perform a comprehensive audit of what you currently have, what you need, and provide solutions.

Things we will look at include, but are not limited to:

  • Type of computer equipment you have.
    • PCs, desktops, laptops, monitors, servers, printers, peripherals (mice, keyboards), tablets, mobile devices, IoT devices, and more. 
  • How much old equipment you have.
  • The age of your assets.
  • What assets have memory drives in them.
  • What assets can be remarketed (sold as used) versus ones to be recycled responsibly.
  • How you can replace these outdated assets while saving money.

We determine how much money you can save.

I.T. Supply Solutions uses a savings calculator to determine how much money you can save during the ITAD process. We’ll also look at your sustainability with our sustainability calculator, a partnership with Circular Computing™. 

This company measures the impact of putting your e-waste into remanufacturing compared to recycling. Even if we determine your assets can be recycled, we return some money to your organization based on what raw materials we can sell to recycling companies.   

Our staff brings mobile hard drive shredding equipment to you.

On-site data destruction allows you to personally oversee the physical destruction of hard drives at your site. We bring our top-of-the-line machine, an Ameri-Shred Corp AMS-300HD-SSD, to your building. Its rotary blades crush and destroy hard drives and memory drives to make them completely unreadable. And this is after we degauss them (remove the magnetism in the drives) to make an electronic media unable to be interpreted by a computer.

You receive data destruction documentation.

IT companies, in order to maintain their industry certifications, MUST provide you with certificates of sanitization and/or destruction

What do these certificates show?

  • Name, title, company, location, and phone of the person performing the sanitization and/or destruction.
  • Name, title, company, location, and phone of the person authorizing and/or witnessing the sanitization and/or destruction.
  • Where these processes took place.
  • Make, model number, serial number, media type, and if the data has been backed up with regards to the memory drives.
  • Details of the processes used to sanitize and/or destroy the media, such as method type, method used, tools used, and verification method.
  • Destination of the media, either to a secondary market or recycling company. 
  • Validation of the certificate.

We recommend how to replace your outdated equipment.

I.T. Supply Solutions can provide you with wholesale computer equipment to replace your outdated items. We can discuss what we have on hand to see if it is viable for you as budget-friendly computer equipment that is up to modern standards.
I.T. Supply Solutions is based in Greater Cincinnati. Our team can assist you with ITAD and data destruction. Call us at (859) 694-0602 or contact us for more information.

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