IT Supply Solutions Data Destruction Terminology

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Your firm should have a robust information security strategy that combines both physical and digital security elements. One of these aspects should include data destruction from computers and hard drives that are no longer in use. In today’s blog from I.T. Supply Solutions, we explain common data destruction terminology.

Overwriting or Wiping

The first part of data destruction involves overwriting or wiping the computer’s memory. This includes data that you or your staff deleted on the computer. Even though you click Delete on your operating system, the data still remains on the computer’s hard drive.

Special software clears data on an entire hard drive by erasing all remnants of data and replacing it with unusable data. Overwriting old data on your computer renders it unrecoverable. 

We meet or exceed the U.S. Department of Defense standards for overwriting data. When our staff overwrites data on a hard drive, the likelihood of someone retrieving that data is minimal on civilian hardware.


Degaussing is the removal or reduction of the magnetic field found on the magnetic storage media in a hard drive. Remember the rule about not getting magnets near your smartphone or computer? Hard drive degaussing is one of the reasons why.

Special degaussing machines generate strong magnetic fields that scramble the information found on a hard drive. This works because hard drives retrieve the information stored on them using special magnets. A professional-grade degausser will make any data left on a hard drive completely unreadable because the magnets inside are no longer able to retrieve the data.

Physical Destruction

Physical destruction involves chopping up a hard drive into tiny little pieces using a machine that has moving blades. I.T. Supply Solutions has a specialized machine that fully destroys hard drives. We can bring this device to your facility for mobile data destruction so your IT manager or CTO can oversee the process.

Data Destruction by I.T. Supply Solutions

Complete data destruction involves a combination of overwriting/wiping, degaussing, and physical destruction. Our staff will come to your facility, perform an IT asset disposition audit, and recommend what to do with your old hard drives and memory storage media. Contact I.T. Supply Solutions or call (859) 534-2323 for more information on our data destruction services.

We’re AAA Certified through NAID, meaning we follow the strictest of data destruction standards!

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