Why Professional Data Destruction Matters to Your Business

I.T. Supply Solutions Data Destruction Matters

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Data security is vitally important for businesses of any size. One data breach can cost you time, money, a valuable client, or a top-level employee. When you have old or outdated computer hardware, or you want to upgrade your system’s current memory, data destruction should be an important part of that process. Today’s blog from I.T. Supply Solutions explains why professional data destruction matters to your business.


Data destruction isn’t about deleting files on your computer and then running a magnet over your hard drive. You need to follow the best industry practices to ensure no one can access the data on a hard drive ever again. I.T. Supply Solutions meets or exceeds U.S. Department of Defense standards for data destruction. These standards require a combination of wiping, degaussing, and/or physical destruction. We’re also AAA Certified from NAID, which means we follow very strict industry standards for data destruction, including undergoing surprise visits and audits to make sure we follow the best industry practices.

Peace of Mind

Did you know that nearly half (42%) of used hard drives sold online may contain sensitive data? And up to 15% may contain personally identifiable information? (That’s according to a 2019 study of 159 hard drives purchased on eBay.) Some of the information found on these drives included scanned copies of birth certificates and passports from a company with a high level of government security clearance, university student email addresses, internal office emails from a major travel company, and school data showing the names and grades of pupils.

Professional data destruction ensures your company’s private information can’t be found, reproduced, or accessed by anyone else. 

Cost Savings

Professional data destruction actually saves you money in the long run by reducing or eliminating the sensitive data stored in on-site hard drives. Rather than purchasing 10 more hard drives to upgrade the memory capacity of your current computers, all you need to do is invest in cloud-based storage using the internet you already have on hand. It’s cheaper (and safer) to switch to cloud computing versus expanding the memory of your computers every year.

Legal Requirements

Some industries, such as medical, legal, and financial, must follow strict privacy laws to maintain customer, patient, or client confidentiality. Professional data destruction means your business complies with HIPAA, FACTA, or the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act when you need to secure the private information of your client base.

Professional Data Destruction From I.T. Supply Solutions

Do you have old computers that you don’t use? We can come to your facility, assess what you have, and employ world-class data destruction standards for your outdated hard drives. Contact I.T. Supply Solutions or call (859) 534-2323 for more details about our data destruction process.

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